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About Us

The Iowa Board of Certification (IBC) is a private, non-profit organization that promotes standards for professionals in the addictions and other behavioral health fields.   IBC accomplishes this by writing and publishing standards, evaluating experience/supervision/education of applicants, and reviewing each application that is received. 

IBC also promotes high ethical standards for all credentialed professionals.  IBC has established a Code of Ethics for its professionals, investigates and may take disciplinary action on reports of ethical violations.


For the Patient/Client: To promote competent, professional alcohol and drug abuse services to persons suffering from chemical dependency; to improve the quality of service being provided to the client and family members.

For the Public: To promote professional competency that will meet standards required for accreditation and third-party payers.

For the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Professional: To provide a respected, marketable credential of professional competency; to enhance the role of the addiction and behavioral health professional.

For the Profession: To provide a method whereby the highest professional standards can be established, maintained and updated.


  • Certification increases professionalism in the field
  • Certification marks the professionals who are specialists in their field
  • Certified professionals may be recognized in state and national insurance legislation, Federal Department of Transportation regulations, and agency staffing requirements
  • Opportunity for peer networking, involvement and impact through IBC sponsored education, conferences and committee work
  • Most employers require certification upon employment
  • IBC has a procedure for investigating incompetent or unethical behavioral by a certified professional
  • If certified at a reciprocal level, freedom to move to another state/country that carries IC&RC credentials, and receive certification in the new location