Addiction Counselor Adult Outpatient Program

October 16, 2020
Agency : 
Rosecrance Jackson Centers
Position Title: 
Addiction Counselor Adult Outpatient Program
Job Description: 

Essential Responsibilities:

1.  Undertake primary case management responsibilities for designated clients.

2.  Conduct individual, group, and family counseling and educational sessions for clients and/or family members.

3.  Ensure that client service records are maintained consistent with rules and regulations.

4.  Maintain communications with all staff (e.g. admissions, therapeutic passes, and discharge plans).

5.  Present workshops, lectures and training to clients, families, employees and community groups.

6.  Be familiar with court proceedings and available to make court appearances on behalf of Rosecrance clients.

7.  Serve as a member of the outpatient clinical team and participate in all team meetings and activities.

8.  Exercise confidentiality in keeping with the Code of Conduct and with the framework of the law.

9.  Deliver exceptional customer service consistently to every customer.

10. Serve as a role model for other staff, clients, and customers and demonstrate positive guest relations in representing Rosecrance.

11.  Assume other related responsibilities as delegated and assigned.

Schedule:  Monday-Friday, 8:A-5P

Application Procedure: