IBC Training Series: Essentials in Counseling

IBC is offering a training series designed for new (and more seasoned) professionals.  The series will cover a wide variety of topics.  The series is offered in its entirety or as individual sessions, so you are not obligated to attend all of the sessions. 

This series can benefit a wide variety of helping professionals and is not just for counselors focused on substance use disorders.  In attendance at previous sessions were: substance, developmental disability, and MH counselors; patient support staff, peer supports, criminal justice professionals, nursing staff, physicians, social workers, and teachers.  Although the content is aimed toward professionals just starting out, any and all professionals are welcome who may want to brush up, expand, or explore their skills in a certain area. Click Read more for details.

Each session will be offered in the IBC office as well as through Zoom. Registration forms and payments will be accepted until noon the day prior to each training. Both the completed registration form and payment is required, as well as an email from IBC, before registration is complete.

Sessions offered:

  1. Assessment and Evaluation: Training completed.
  2. ASAM Guidelines and Treatment Planning: Training completed.
  3. Professional Boundaries: Establishing the professional relationship and avoiding dual relationships: Training completed
  4. Group Facilitation: Skills to lead, facilitate, and manage group conditions in different treatment environments. Training completed
  5. Documentation: Information sharing, storage, and maintenance.Training completed.
  6. Helping Individuals with Substance Use Disorders: Exploring the culture, progression, and evolution of substance use disorders and treatment.Training completed.