Substance Abuse Counselor

Agency : 
New Sight, Inc.
Position Title: 
Substance Abuse Counselor
Job Description: 

The Substance Abuse Specialist is responsible for providing clinical evaluations for the substance abuse program at New Sight Inc.  This consists of a clinical assessment and review of the client’s needs based on the results of the assessment. The Substance Abuse Specialist is certified by IBC or other approved boards and/or has the appropriate education, training, or experience in the substance abuse field to conduct substance abuse evaluations. In addition, the Substance Abuse Specialist is aware of and understands the mental health needs of the client and collaborates with the Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts (LPHA). Specific services include conducting assessments for substance abuse clients, completing LPHA documentation, making necessary treatment recommendations, and drafting a letter to the court regarding the results of substance abuse assessment.  

Application Procedure: 

Submit resumes to Cathy Perkins at