Request Voluntary Inactive Status

Inactive certification status is for the certified counselor who is currently not working as an alcohol and drug counselor, yet plans to someday return to alcohol and drug counseling. Not having earned enough continuing education hours or an employer not requiring IBC-certification are inadequate reasons to be granted inactive status.

In addition to the professional not working in the field of substance abuse, the Iowa Board of Certification may grant inactive status under the following circumstances:

  1. Behavior-Medical problems
  2. Maternity, paternity, or family
  3. Education
  4. Military service
  5. Other valid reasons


Certified individuals desiring inactive status shall send the appropriate inactive status form to the IBC office:

This form must be postmarked or emailed on or before the date of expiration of either certification or the prior inactive time period. At the next scheduled regular IBC Board meeting, the request for inactive status will be considered. The applicant will be notified upon the Board's decision.


The cost for the first year of Inactive status is $85.00; each year after the cost is $60.00.

To maintain inactive status, a letter of request, as described above, and the appropriate fee must be sent on or before the annual expiration date or the late fee will be assessed. The 45-day penalty period and late fees apply.

To restore to active certification, the application for recertification must be submitted along with the applicable recertification fee.

Rights, Limitations, and Responsibilities

  1. While on inactive status, an individual shall continue to receive all bulletins, newsletters, and other communications from IBC.
  2. A counselor on inactive status may not use the initials of a certified counselor (e.g., CADC).
  3. Individuals on inactive status are not eligible for reciprocity.
  4. Inactive individuals must adhere to applicable aspects of the IBC Code of Ethics.
  5. The inactive individual must notify IBC immediately upon returning to work in the alcohol and drug field. Failure to notify the Board within 30 days of returning to such employment will constitute a violation of the IBC Code of Ethics and will result in referral to the Board for investigation, in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Code of Ethics. The inactive individual must successfully reactivate certification within 90 days of returning to employment.


Individuals requesting reactivation of their certification status shall follow the recertification process and meet residency requirements. Current recertification forms will be available on the IBC web site. At least 20 of the 40 clock hours must have been earned within two years of the reactivation application.